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 Russia Threatens NATO with "Long-Term Consequences" for Defense of Eastern Europe

Russia is ready to escalate tension in response to the actions of NATO member countries for strengthening defense capability of Central and Eastern Europe.

Permanent representative of Russia to NATO Aleksander Grushko declared in an interview to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, Censor.NET reports citing Evropeiska Pravda.

The diplomat commented on the recent actions of the Alliance for the deployment of temporary bases on the territory of member countries of Eastern Europe.

According to him, the West should expect Russian Federation forces buildup in response. "The new enhanced configuration of the Alliance forces will be considered in our military planning," the Ambassador said.

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"NATO is going to continue enhancing the operational readiness of the forces and move up its military infrastructure closer to the Russian borders. It is a straight road to the tension escalation and undermining of the security in the region and entire Europe," Grushko said.

According to the Russian diplomat, "a package of measures to strengthen the 'eastern flank' and overall NATO return to the original function of the defense against a 'large-scale enemy' will face a long-term political consequence."

Meanwhile, the ambassador rejected the accusations of the West that Russia itself is to be blamed for the escalation. He also called NATO member countries' accusations that Russian aircrafts began more often intrude into the airspace of the European and North American countries false, despite the fact that the evidence of such intrusions was documented.

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It is known that the NATO summit in Wales on September resulted in Alliance decision to increase its military presence in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Baltic States. The region regularly hosts military exercises in recent months.

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