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 Generals Muzhenko and Pushniakov Should Be Replaced. Those Responsible for Encirclements and Armed Forces of Ukraine Heavy Losses Should Be Established - Butusov

Any head of governmental agency will cope with the complex of problems in the Armed Forces of Ukraine if a series of rapid and effective changes in the Ministry of Defense will not be conducted.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov writes on his Facebook page.

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"The conditions of rapid and effective changes in the Ministry of Defense and the Army are listed below:

1. The replacement of generals Muzhenko and Pushniakov and forming a competent management system should be conducted in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The investigation to determine those responsible for the troops' encirclements and the heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should take place. The inexpert sectoral system of administration must be replaced by the professional headquarters of the corps and operational commands. All brigades should be concentrated under the command of their military units.

2. Personnel management. We have excellent combat generals and colonels. Many of them speak English and have Western Command and Staff Course in the background. There are established teams of staff officers.

3. The General Headquarters should be established.

4. The system of interaction between the Supreme Commander, the Cabinet, and the Verkhovna Rada should be practiced.

5. The doubling of functions and responsibilities by the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff should be eliminated.

6. The parliamentary group, non-affiliated with any faction should be created to promote reforms and State Defense.

7. The new military doctrine, which will designate Russia as the main enemy, should be developed and adopted.

8. The amendments to the law about the ATO should be adopted - the actions of the commanders in the ATO area have to be legalized and regulated. Civil authorities in the ATO area should be completely subordinate to the military if necessary.

9. The new realistic defense budget should be adopted.

10. The absolute parliamentary oversight of the Security Agencies and the Armed Forces should be implemented. Patriotically and professionally viable personnel of these monitoring committees should be appointed by the Verkhovna Rada.

If this is not done, then any hero and even Minister Poltorak himself would not be able to cope with the complex of problems existing in the Defense Ministry and the Armed Forces. It is only a matter of time and morality of the new minister that will make him resign sooner or later, or he will be fired as a result of an internal conflict, buried under piles of bureaucratic problems," Butusov writes.

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