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 Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations: "Russian Credibility Remmants Inevitably Precipitating"


The so-called 'elections' in the east of Ukraine, which the terrorists held at the territories under their control with the support of the Russian Federation, have crossed out Moscow obligations under Minsk agreements.

Permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN Yurii Serhieiev declared, Censor.NET reports citing Radio Liberty.

According to him, "the pro-Russian separatists and their patrons in Moscow" have organized "a slapstick, which they called 'elections'," held in the occupied territories against the legitimate parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

He noted that this fact has "clearly demonstrated us and the entire world that Russia and its puppets are not credible in the context of commitments performance in the future."

"By organizing this parody of elections, Russia has crossed out everything that it had signed in Minsk and turned all its statements about "peaceful political solution" to the conflict into an empty phrase," Serhieiev said.

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In his view, this "slapstick, performed in the climate of fear, in the environment of terror, violence, shelling, abductions, robberies, intimidation of the local population showed that Moscow is interested to further destabilize the situation in Ukraine and contribute to the crisis prolongation."

He also drew attention to the fact that Russia has "strengthened its illegal military and technical support to the terrorists."

In addition, he recalled that Russia blocked the UN Security Council presidential statement "condemning this 'elections'" last Friday, the day before the separatists' 'performance'.

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"This means that we can no longer rely in the future on the international obligations taken by Russia during the current UN General Assembly session and within the Security Council," the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations said.

Yurii Serheiev also added, that "Russia is rapidly losing the remains of its credibility."

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