Poroshenko Addresses the Nation: President Wants to Repeal Law on Special Status of Donbas


The president of Ukraine addressed the citizens explaining his position on fake elections in the Donbas and the formation of a parliamentary coalition.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing the press service of the head of state.

In his address the president said:

"Dear compatriots! A series of interrelated important events, pleasant and not so much, happened recently. As President, I would like to express my position on these issues. After signing the Association Agreement with the EU in June, its simultaneous ratification by the Verkhovna Rada and the European Parliament in September, the fulfillment of this agreement officially began on Nov. 1. I congratulate you on that.

"I will never let anyone stop our move towards Europe. European aspirations of Ukrainians is determined by our nature itself. The nature of the European people. And there is no point in fighting the nature.

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"It is symbolical that Ukrainians have recently confirmed their European civilizational choice finally and irrevocably. The CEC has almost completed preliminary electronic counting. Along with the exit polls, it confirmed that constitutional majority of voters approved the European course. I am grateful to you, Ukrainian voters, for such a civil stand.

"I am also grateful for the high confidence that allowed the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko gain the highest credit of trust in the elections. 132 people's deputies of the Block have been elected. It is much more than of any other political force.

People's Front, which became the second in the number of mandates, Samopomich which finished the third one, Radical party and Batkivshchyna which overcame the 5% barrier must all become participants of pro-European coalition. But it is not a job of the president to create coalition. In European practice, initiative in forming the coalition belongs to the political force that gained the highest number of mandates in the elections. I am confident that the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko will decently cope with the given task.

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"Under the Constitution, coalition shall propose the candidacy of the prime minister to the president for him to submit the given candidacy for approval by the newly-elected Verkhovna Rada. The future faction of the party "Bloc of Petro Poroshenko" has already supported my initiative to appoint Arsenii Yatseniuk the Head of the new Government. Still, the principle issue for them is joint coordination of the European-style coalition agreement the draft of which has already been submitted to the partners and the public.

"European political culture is characterized by detailed coalition agreements where the plan of actions is written almost per day. Coalition agreement is the contract between the coalition and the country. It cannot be a short document of 3 pages. Recently I had a conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Germany has a long history of coalitional government. Ms. Merkel told me that according to the experience, the thicker the agreement is, the longer the coalition works.

"As for the composition of the new Government, the Cabinet of Ministers needs complete renewal! It needs to be liberated from unprofessionalism and corrupted shackles of party-quota principle. It must be formed solely on the professional basis and start introducing reforms on the basis of the parliament renewed by more than a half.

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"Dear compatriots!

"Elections of Oct. 26 are also important for the reason that they occurred in the liberated part of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. During 17 years of Yanukovych's clan domination in the Donbas, people in the region have forgotten what is fair voting. For the first time in such a long period, Ukrainians who live in two most eastern regions voted for their representatives in the Verkhovna Rada freely and on a competitive basis. Frankly speaking, they have elected persons who are far from being heroes of our time. Though, it is important that they all stand for the unity of Ukraine. I respect the choice of the free part of the Donbas made in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Oct. 26. Being the president of all Ukrainians, I am ready for the dialogue with the people they have elected.

"Yesterday's pseudo-elections in part of the Donbas are completely opposite to the voting of Oct. 26. Unfortunately, it is a part still controlled by militants. This farce at a gunpoint has nothing in common with the expression of will. It cannot be called elections by its definition.

"Bandits, terrorists, and interventionists can call themselves deputies, prime-ministers, and ministers. They may even call themselves kings or emperors. Still, no matter what they put on their heads, they will remain occupants, criminals, and militants. Ukraine will never recognize the so-called elections of November 2. We cannot respect the choice that exists neither actually nor legally. No country in the world that respects itself and the international law will recognize the so-called elections. This farce has already been condemned by the EU, the United States, dozens of our countries-partners. Spokesman of German Government stated today that abolition of sanctions against Russia was out of discussion.

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"Pseudo-elections are a brutal violation of Minsk protocol of Sep. 5. Minsk protocol provides for the holding of early local elections in the part of the Donbas solely under the laws of Ukraine. We provided them with the given opportunity. Farce of Nov. 2 jeopardizes the entire peace process the beginning of which has been achieved at the cost of outstanding efforts. It substantially worsens the situation in the Donbas. Performers, organizers, and sponsors of pseudo-elections are fully responsible for that.

"Ukraine strictly adheres to the letter and spirit of Minsk protocol. Against the backdrop of its brutal violation by the other parties, we have to adjust our plan of actions. I have already discussed the new situation with the Defense Minister. Tomorrow, I will have the NSDC meeting at which we will comprehensively analyze the situation and make necessary amendments to the scenarios of our actions taking into account both optimistic and pessimistic forecasts.

"One of the issues to be submitted for consideration by the NSDC is the abolishment of the law on peculiarities of the local government in certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In due time, this law performed an extremely important role in stemming foreign invasion, mobilizing world's support of Minsk peace agreements, sincerity of Ukraine's intentions on de-escalation of the situation in the Donbas. We demonstrated residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions as well as the whole world that we are sincere in our desire for the political settlement. Militants refused this opportunity. Holding of pseudo-elections undermined the law and aggravated the situation in the Donbas. We are ready to provide broad powers laid down in the law only to the legally elected local government, not to the bandits who coronate themselves.

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"However, decentralization remains in our arsenal as the key element of political settlement in the Donbas. We will be willing to approve the new law if all the parties return to the fulfillment of Minsk protocol. In case of the ceasefire, establishment of buffer area, and control over the border. And in case of clear actions of militants to signalize the reverse in the issue of the so-called elections of Nov. 2.

"The new law will provide for clear boundaries of districts with special order of local government in clear conformity with Minsk agreements. It will also provide for budgetary decentralization that will eliminate the irritating question "who feeds whom." It will let these districts be responsible for their self-funding on the basis of their own resources. Everyone will get what he deserves with his work.

"The International Fund that will be filled inter alia by foreign partners will fully ensure the restoration of the infrastructure in case of restoration of the Ukrainian government, peace, and security in the Donbas. Eventually I will suggest the Parliament to adopt the law on the establishment of free economic area there with a special regime of trade relations with the EU and Russia.

"Despite provocations, diplomatic path of settlement remains the priority for the Ukrainian authorities. However, we will continue intensive reinforcement of our defense capacity in case of unwelcome developments. This issue will also be considered at the NSDC meeting tomorrow.

"I believe in our unity and victory, for the truth is with us.

"Glory to Ukraine!"

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