Moskal Threatens To Stop Water, Gas, And Power Supply to Terrorists-Controlled Territory of LPR

Luhansk region governor Hennadii Moskal threatens to turn off water, gas, and electricity on the territory controlled by the terrorists of LPR if they do not restore power supply in the Stanytsia Luhanska district, gas supply in Chornukhyne, and repair gas pipeline near Sokilnyky which they damaged deliberately.

Censor.NET reports citing Luhansk Regional Administration press service.

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As announced by Moskal, the terrorists from the Luhansk People's Republic once again damaged power lines going from territories controlled by them to the Stanytsia Luhanska district. As a result, town with 42,000 inhabitants, who lived without electricity for three months during summer because of the terrorists (the supply was restored with great efforts only two weeks ago), are left without power supply again.

Without power, no water and heat supply is possible. They were turned off.

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"Power supply lines were damaged deliberately because no fighting has taken place in the area," the governor Moskal said. "The repaired pipeline to Chornukhyne was also deliberately damaged. All this despite the facts that rolling blackouts of electricity, from which citizens suffer, are regular on the territory of Ukraine, and Ukraine supplies electricity and gas to the LPR-controlled territory, for which supplies no one pays. And now, "to thank us" they have stopped electricity and gas supply. This situation is unacceptable, so I warn the LPR - if they do not restore power supply to the Stanytsia Luhanska district and gas supply to Chornukhyne on their own within two days, and if they do not repair the pipeline near Sokilnyky, the state administration will be forced to ask the government of Ukraine to take adequate measures in respect of the supply of electricity, gas, and water to the LPR territory.

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