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 It Is Dangerous To Participate in Terrorist Election; Bloody Provocations Prepared – Security Service of Ukraine

Adviser to the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Markiian Lubkivskyi said that terrorist election may involve provocations.

He told it on Shuster Live TV program, Censor.NET reports.

"The actual voting process and participation in the election is dangerous. It is the operational information of the SSU. In fact, provocations are being organized in order to accuse Ukrainian authorities, the National Guard, and the SSU of disrupting the election," Lubkivskyi said. "We have information that uniforms and people are brought to hold these provocations," he added.

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Furthermore, Lubkivskyi said that the SSU is preparing to give a legal assessment of the actions of Rodina party leader Ihor Markov, who stood next to Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkov in the Donbas, when the latter was shooting towards Ukrainian positions. "Each situation like this is under control of the SSU. His actions will also be given an appropriate legal assessment," he promised.

Earlier Censor.NET informed that the United States is concerned about the so called election in the "DPR" and the "LPR".

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