289 Victims of Boeing 777 Crash Identified

Five more victims of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash in Eastern Ukraine have been identified this week, bringing the total number of identifications to 289.

As Censor.NET informs citing Interfax-Ukraine , the Dutch government said it on Friday.

"It was announced today that five more victims of Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight have been identified this week. Four of the five victims have Dutch nationality... As requested by the embassies of the respective countries, the nationality of the victims who do not come from the Netherlands is not disclosed," the report of the Dutch government, published on Friday, stated.

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So far 289 victims have been identified with Dutch authorities saying the task had become more difficult as fewer forensic material with DNA, dental or fingerprints are available.

The Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 plane was downed by pro-Russian separatists with 298 people onboard on July 17. All passengers and crew members died in the plane crash. 196 of them were citizens of the Netherlands and 44, including 15 crew members, were citizens of Malaysia. Among other victims were 27 citizens of Australia and citizens of Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, the Philippines, Great Britain, Canada, and New Zealand.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n309811