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 U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Does Not Like the Fact That Kyiv Has Not Introduced Sanctions Against Russia

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette is not happy that Europe and the United States imposed sanctions against Russia, while Ukraine still drags out the issue.

The ambassador stated this in an interview with the Focus magazine, Censor.NET reports.

"At a time when Western companies are suffering from the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions aimed to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine, Ukrainian business continues to profit, and that is not a good," Payette said.

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"It is crucial that Ukrainian decisions in the field of economy and trade do not undermine the impact that should be provided by the European and American sanctions," he added.

The ambassador stressed that the issue of sanctions is a matter of principle for the U.S. and they should be introduced as transparently as possible.

"It would be much better, if the sanctions list is published in the state media, where everyone can see what the rules are. This eliminates suspicions of any backroom agreements," Payette concluded.

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