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 Ukraine Will See No Reverse if It Doesn't Agree with Gazprom on Gas Supply - Merkel

European Union will stop reverse gas supplies to Ukraine if Kyiv doesn't reach deal with Moscow on renewal of gas supply from the Russia's Gazprom.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel said, Censor.NET reports citing Bloomberg.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Ukraine risks losing gas supplied by its European supporters if it doesn't reach an agreement on payments to Russia.

The European Union is showing solidarity with Ukraine through reverse flow gas deliveries in its conflict with Russia, Merkel said at an EU summit in Brussels. She urged negotiators to come up with a financing agreement before the turmoil disrupts gas supplies to Europe in the winter.

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"If Europe should itself suffer because there is no contract between Russia and Ukraine, then Ukraine would also not receive this reverse flow -- because then Europe would naturally need all the gas itself," Merkel told reporters today.

Merkel asked European Union to assist Ukraine with payments for Russian gas earlier.

The next round of tripartite gas talks takes place in Brussels on Oct. 29. The talks will cover the issue of securing Russian gas transit to Europe through Ukraine for the winter period.

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