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 US to Grant Weapons to Ukraine in the Next Two Weeks - US Senator

US Senator, member of the Committee for Armaments James Inhofe is convinced that the United States will provide defensive weapons to Ukraine in the near future.

He said during a briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

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According to him, the Senate session, where the issue will be considered, will begin Nov. 12. Inhofe said that President Barack Obama can grant the permission to provide these weapons on his own. "If the president does not do so until that time, we will do everything to make it happen," he added.

According to him, this process may take from 4-5 days to two and a half weeks. Inhofe also said that he has received the list of weapons, which are expected to be provided to Ukraine, from the Secretary of Defense but refused to disclose its contents to the journalists.

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He specified that Ukraine does not need to make any changes to the legislation or pass special procedures for weapons' granting since the defensive ones are meant.

He also noted that the US does not intend to take part in military operations in Ukraine. "I'm not saying that the United States will be involved in military activities. I'm talking about the support of one of our strongest allies - Ukraine," he said. Inhofe also assured that all the political forces and the US authorities are now united around the need to help Ukraine and prevent its return to the Soviet past.

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He recalled that the US will soon carry out elections to the Senate. Inhofe expects Republicans to win a majority and the policy of this body on Ukraine, in particular, will change significantly as a result. "You'll see that the Republicans are more focused on the National Security and Defense," the senator assured. He also said the United States now consider Ukraine one of its main partners and added that during his 20 years in the Senate he has never seen such a warm welcome as the one President Poroshenko was met with.

The decision on granting Ukraine weapons is known to be made in the US Senate in mid-September.

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