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 Lower Classes in the East Do Not Want Anything Other Than a Bowl of Gruel and "Clear Skies" - Expert

The elections' results showed that nothing has changed in Ukraine.

Political analyst Yurii Romanenko writes on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"If the Donbas and Crimea voted... But jokes aside, imagine the results of the election, if the Donbas and Crimea were the part of Ukraine. Opposition Bloc would easily win its 20% simply due to the fact that another 5 million people would vote. It's about 50-60 people on the list, plus another 50-70 people elected in the majority election system. The Communist Party would have also got to the parliament. Even Tihipko would have a chance in this situation. So we would receive the results opposite to those of 2012. The former regime would have about 180-190 votes in the Verkhovna Rada, and the new one - about 240. There would be an unsustainable majority, and then we would have a backstab in a moment of weakness. Can you imagine the second coming of Donetsk to Kyiv?

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So do not comfort yourself with illusions that everything has changed. In fact, the changes are only beginning. The upper classes cannot change and the lower classes do not want to. More precisely speaking, the closer we get to the west, the less desire to change they have. The lower classes in the east do not want anything other than a bowl of gruel and 'clear skies'. Those at the top implement the old policy, which the masses obey with moans and groans. The system is completely stalling.

Ukrainian Centaur is no more viable as a project. Even the most complete Ukrainian idealists will realize it to 2015. Therefore, do not slop tears for Crimea and Donbas. A brand new State should enter there - the one with the other elites, with the other rules of the game. It is the weight, which drowns the country today," Romanenko writes.

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