Any Elections by Separatists Are Illegal and Will Not Be Recognized by UK, Cameron Says

British Prime Minister David Cameron stated that elections organized by the separatists would contravene the Minsk agreement and would not be recognized by the United Kingdom.

Censor.NET reports that in a statement regarding the Ukrainian elections Cameron said the following: "Yesterday's elections were a clear demonstration of Ukraine's commitment to democracy. The people of Ukraine showed real determination in exercising their right to vote despite the particular challenges they faced, displaced from their homes by the instability in the east, and the illegal annexation of Crimea. I am proud that the UK has been able to support them in helping to make these elections free, fair and transparent by providing 71 independent observers to the OSCE's election observation mission.

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"The Ukrainian electorate have made their choice. It is important that Russia respects the outcome of these and local elections, held under Ukrainian law, as part of its commitment to the Minsk agreement. Any elections organized by separatists would be considered illegal, would contravene the Minsk agreement and would not be recognized by the UK. President Poroshenko and the new government, with the support of the international community, must now undertake the political, economic and governance reforms that are vital to rebuilding Ukraine."

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Russia will recognize the elections of the DPR and LPR militants.

Elections of the DPR and LPR leaders and lawmakers are planned for Nov. 2.

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