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 Putin Continues to Show Off: Sanctions Will Not Affect Russia’s Actions

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the sanctions will not affect the decisions and actions of Russia.

He told this to the participants of the international discussion club "Valdai", Censor.NET reports citing Gazeta.ru.

"No one ever, even small countries, makes decisions under the pressure of sanctions. And a country such as Russia, will definitely not do anything that our partners are trying to pressure it to do," the head of state said.

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According to him, such an approach is "completely counterproductive" and does not resolve the problems. "As far as the sanctions go… whether they are forced or not, it is not for me to judge. But the U.S. Vice President recently said that they had to seriously pressure their European partners to impose the sanctions. He said this, not me. Hence, they are forced," the president concluded.

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