Putin on Conflict in Ukraine: "I Believe It's Far from Being Last"

Russia's President Vladimir Putin suggests there will be more heated conflicts with big countries involved.

Putin believes the Ukrainian conflict is not the last example. He said this at the Valdai Club gathering, Censor.NET reports citing ITAR-TASS.

"Today, there is a high probability of a number of heated conflits with direct or indirect participation of large countries," he said.

"Given this, the risk factors include not only traditional interstate conflicts, but also inner instability of certain coutries, especially when we speak about those located at conjuntion of geopolitical interests of large states or at borders of cultural, historical, economical, and civilization continents," Putin explained.

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"Ukraine is one of examples of such conflicts that affect world power balance, and not the last one, I suppose," he added.

Putin also said that international community is currently at a historical diverge point, where there is a threat to play without rules in the world order. Russia's president is certain that the world order needs to be "rationally reconstructed." "I am sure, this mechanism of costs and counterbalances that the world community has been constructing with great efforts for the last decades could not be broken without replacing it with something new," the head of Russian state said.

Putin thinks that "otherwise, indeed, there would be no instruments left except for brutal force." "A rational reconstruction was needed, and adaptation of international relations system to new realitites," Putin assured.

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