Germany Sends Another 30 Truckloads With Residential Units for Refugees

On Oct. 7, 112 trucks with humanitarian aid from the Government of Germany, including 5 trucks with residential units to build transit camps arrived to Ukraine. This was just the first tranche of the humanitarian aid which Ukraine received from the German government. In November, another 30 truckloads of residential units for removed persons from the Donbas will arrive to Ukraine.

"In early November, the next tranche of the humanitarian aid - 30 trucks with residential modules will arrive to Ukraine," Deputy German Ambassador Anka Feldhusen said, Censor.NET reports citing the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies.

The diplomat expressed hope for signing on Oct. 23-24 of the agreement between Ukraine and Germany on securing financial support for the preparation and construction of the works on the cabins' installation.

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In turn, Chairman of the Emergency Ministry Serhii Bochkovskyi noted that the first five trucks with residential units which arrived to Ukraine on Oct. 7 are now located in Kharkiv, where a transit camp is to be built.

"They are unloaded and two out of ten modules are already set up," Bochkovskyi assured.

"Together with employees of the Red Cross Society in Ukraine, we started the process of distribution of the humanitarian aid. Thus, 16 trucks with appliances, medical equipment, medical supplies, clothing, and other essentials have already arrived to Kharkiv. The humanitarian aid was unloaded at the warehouses and the issue of distribution has been resolved. Last week, the humanitarian aid arrived to Zaporizhia - eight trucks. The freight is now stored in the warehouses of the city. As early as this week, the same humanitarian aid will be received by Dnipropetrovsk," Bochkovskyi added.

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The German government decided to send over 100 trucks carrying humanitarian aid for the people of the Donbas in the amount of approximately 10 million euros.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n308166