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 Russian Duma Allowed Gazprom Reciprocal Payments for Ukraine’s Gas Transit

The State Duma of the Russian Federation passed a bill in the final third reading on Tuesday that will make it possible for Gazprom to conduct set off payments to Naftogaz Ukraine.

Corresponding amendments will be made to the law on currency regulation and currency control, Ekonomichna Pravda reports.

The article 19 on "Repatriation of foreign currency and the currency of the Russian Federation by residents" was supplemented by an item extending the list of cases where residents have the right not to transfer the foreign currency or rubles to their bank accounts with authorized banks.

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This will not have to be conducted in the set-off for liabilities of non-residents paying for the supply of natural gas in gaseous state and the obligations of gas exporters paying for services of gas transit through the territory of foreign states.

As previously reported, this change provides, including the opportunity to offset the obligations of Gazprom under the contract for the transit of natural gas through the territory of Ukraine against liabilities of Naftogaz Ukraine to pay for its accumulated debt.

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