1,000 People Dead and Missing as Result of Ilovaisk Tragedy – Commission Report

Temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada on the tragic events in Ilovaisk (the Donetsk region) states that about 1,000 people were killed, wounded and missing in this area as a result of the fighting.

This was stated by the commission's chairman, "Batkivshchyna" lawmaker Andrii Senchenko, presenting the interim report of the commission, Censor.NET reports with reference to Ukrainian News.

"The total number of dead, wounded, those who died of wounds and missing is up to 1,000 people," he said.

He noted that so far the commission has not received reliable information from the government authorities on the exact number of dead and wounded.

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Unofficial evidence available to the Commission indicates that the greatest losses of manpower during the anti-terrorist operation were suffered at the exit from the encirclement in Ilovaisk.

In particular, the death of at least 300 people out of about 1,000 who took part in the operation has been confirmed.

At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs states that during the operation 31 soldiers of the National Guard and the Ministry of the Interior were killed and 170 were wounded.

65 law enforcement officers are missing, and 98 were taken prisoners.

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In addition, significant losses were incurred by the ATO forces while trying to free the group at Ilovaisk.

Meanwhile, Senchenko stated that none of the agencies has so far provided at least an approximation of the losses during the unblocking operation.

In this regard the MP appealed to the General Prosecutor's Office to investigate the actions of the military leadership during this operation.

Earlier, then Minister of Defense Valerii Heletei stated that 108 Ukrainian soldiers were killed at Ilovaisk.

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