National Intelligence Program Created - Smeshko

The National Intelligence Program will be developed.

Chairman of the Intelligence Committee Ihor Smeshko said it in an interview to Zn.ua, Censor.NET writes.

"This document has the highest level of secrecy. We can not say who will be called in it enemy № 1 under the existing laws, but... In fact, Ukraine is at war. A significant part of our territory is occupied by a neighboring country. I will not go beyond the law on state secret if I say that Ukraine was not the first to reveal who its main enemy is, or, as intelligence officers say, who became our strategic opponent and which country is a threat to national security," the chairman stressed.

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"To respond to the current challenges, President Poroshenko has decided to establish am Intelligence Committee. It came as a result of analysis of international experience. For example, the United States has 17 diffcerent intelligence agencies, but their activities are coordinated and analyzed by a single authority - the Director of Central Intelligence. The Committee, according to the law of Ukraine, is designed to help the president to carry out monitoring, analysis, coordination and planning of the work of different intelligence agencies," Smeshko said.

Earlier Censor.NET reported that Ukraine is probably the only country where military counter-intelligence is not a part of the Ministry of Defense, but a special service.

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