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 How Much Longer Is Poroshenko Going to Listen to Muzhenko’s "Truth"? Maybe It’s Worth Listening to Soldiers at Front? – Butusov

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is better listen directly to the operational soldiers in the east and not listen to the "truth" of the high-ranking officials.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote this on his page on Facebook.

"I was just told an interesting story: one politician recently asked President Poroshenko: "And why haven't you still fired Muzhenko from the post of the Chief of General Staff after everything that happened at the front?" The Commander-in-Chief replied: "Because tells me the truth," the journalist writes.

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Butusov states that according to the ATO situation report it is calm at the roadblock near Bakhmutivka, the reinforcements have arrived, the supplies were delivered, the enemy is repulsed by the artillery and armored vehicles, but the surrounded soldiers and officers say the situation is quite different: "This is the same "truth" Muzhenko had previously told Mr. Poroshenko about our surrounded 24th, 72nd and 79th brigades in sector D, about the 30th brigade's raid on Stepanivka and Miusynsk, about the Russian advance in sector D and the encirclement of Ilovaisk grouping in sector B, about the breakthrough from Ilovaisk, about "the reserves that late for three days."

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"I wonder how much more is President Poroshenko going to listen to this "truth"? Maybe Mr. Poroshenko should better listen to the servicemen at the front for a change? They are already giving an interview about Bakhmutivka..." Butusov writes.

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