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 Putin Threatens to Reduce Gas Supplies Going through Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens to reduce the volume of natural gas supplies through Ukraine in case of "unauthorized gas withdrawal".

Putin said this at the press conference in Belgrade, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN. "There are great transit risks. And if we notice that our Ukrainian partners begin unauthorized withdrawal of our gas from export pipeline system the same way as it was, say in 2008, we will have to act the same we did in 2008 - we consistently reduced the supply by the volume of the stolen," Putin said.

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Russian Gazprom has completely cut gas supplies to Ukraine this year June, through which it supplies almost half of its fuel exports to the European Union. European Commission Vice President for Energy Guenther Oettinger said today, Oct. 16, that in the case of a complete cessation of deliveries of Russian gas the European Union households will survive the winter, if there will be a good co-operation in terms of the redirection of the gas streams between member states.

The European Commission came to the conclusion that if the EU Member States will cooperate and allow to direct gas streams between each other using the maximum technical capacity, the consumers in the EU will be in a much better situation.

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