Motorola and Givi Terrorist Gangs Are Fighting Vostok Battalion, Ukrainian Defender of Donetsk Airport Says

Defenders of the Donetsk airport only return fire on the terrorist positions.

According to Censor.NET, this is stated by paratrooper of the 79th Mykolaiv separate airmobile brigade, known as "Call Sign Marshall."

Caution! The text contains profanity!

"For 3 days we have been trying to cease fire completely! And this is what the separatist from the east want, but ... god damn it, two gangs of Givi and Motorola just can't calm down. Nobody supports these idiots. They even occasionally fighting the Vostok battalion (DPR terrorist battalion) in Donetsk city!!! The latter want to stop, and these rats want to continue slaughtering their crippled warriors.

We never open fire first, sometimes even we just sit and wait when they get enough shooting from afar.

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And today, there seems to a meeting at the very top, and we were told not to shoot. So we sit and drink tea.

But these f#@king nitwits are just itching so they open fire from AA mount, AGS, grenade launchers, mortars, small arms. We waited for about an hour, reported to our command. and ... we got the green light, use all guns!!!

What kind of shitheads are they, they can't seem to sit quietly. Now they will get their asses kicked and then go cry and whine on TV!!!

F#@king losers, I don't get them.

In short - you are f#@ked. We got the green light!!!!

P.S. By the way, I don't know about Motorola, but Givi, that f@#king bitch, has never even been in battle. He is just sitting and spreading bullshit, sending his own people to death in packs! God damn "militant". In two days they have 20 dead and we have 2 wounded!!!" the paratrooper wrote.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n307380