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 Anti-Putin Campaigners Urge Downing Street to Bar Russian Singers From UK

Critics say Valeriya and Iosif Kobzon, who are to perform at the Albert Hall on Oct. 21, are propaganda tools for ‘treaty-breaking’ Russia

Crooner Iosif (Joseph) Kobzon and Alla Perfilova, known by her stage name Valeriya, are due to perform on Oct. 21 at a heavily advertised one-off concert in London, Censor.NET reports citing The Guardian. But protesters plan to gather outside the Royal Albert Hall on the evening of the concert due to the artists' support of aggressive policy of Vladimir Putin against Ukraine. They handed a petition to the British government, demanding to deny Kobzon and Perfilova entry to the UK.

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"Using their popularity and public status, both Valeriya and Kobzon have become propaganda tools for the international treaty-breaking Russian government," the petition reads. "We petition the UK to follow Latvia and the United States and to deny them entry to the UK," anti-Putin activist Andrei Sidelnikov said in London. He added that if Kobzon and Perfilova concert is held, the activists will come to picket the concert hall, in which Russian artists would be performing. Earlier, Censor.NET reported that Kobzon will sing to Russian terrorists in the Donbas.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n307263