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 Heletei’s New Post Means That Poroshenko Does Not Recognize Ex-Minister’s Responsibility for Ilovaisk Massacre as Well as His Own for Such an Appointment - Butusov

Appointment of Valerii Heletei on the position of the Administration of State Guard of Ukraine Head shows that Poroshenko sees no liability of the former Minister of Defence in the events that took place in June-October at the front and in the Defense Ministry.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote this on Facebook: "He does not see any problem that the Minister took the parade during the advance of the enemy, which led to serious consequences - to immense losses the Minister is cynically hiding from the society. Hence, the President also does not admit his own responsibility for appointments he makes. It's a pity. The conclusions on August drama were not made. And the Commander-in-Chief does not seem to make any," the journalist considers.

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