Butusov: New Minister of Defense Knows Logistics and Supply

The Minister of Defense may not be a Napoleon, but he must be an effective manager with clear and understandable agenda.

This is stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"The motives of the President regarding the proposal of Stepan Poltorak for the post of Defense Minister, in my opinion, are the following:

1. All the units of the National Guard involved in the ATO are equipped and appropriately supplied with uniforms and means of communication. There are no scandals with ammunition procurement. In August, Poltorak showed me the equipment for winter and said that it has already been purchased for every fighter. Perhaps, the President would like to arrange a logistic support of the army. This is positive news - Poltorak really knows logistics and supply.

2. New cars and armored vehicles have been purchased because the National Guard resolves the matters of adopting equipment on the spot - a purchase of a tank takes one day. The bureaucratic obstacles that hinder the purchase of new weapons, acceptance of the repaired and its placement into operation in the Defense Ministry comprise a thick layer. Someone needs to introduce a working operation system - if the procedures were simplified as in the National Guard that would be good. And that would be positive news.

3. Poltorak frees the post of the National Guard commander - a very interesting post from a political point of view, which can be now filled by a candidate agreed with Poroshenko.

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Is Poltorak's appointment good or bad?

I think the main problem of Poltorak's appointment is a lack of a declared public position of the Commander-in-Chief. I would like Petro Poroshenko to state publicly what was Valerii Heletei dismissed for, a person who was "irreplaceable" just two weeks ago. Then it would be clear what deficiencies Poltorak needs to correct.

Next, the appointment of Poltorak and his presentation should also be accompanied by the announcement of goals and objectives that he is required to achieve in the nearest future. The announcement of short-term and long-term goals.

Moreover, these goals and objectives should be set by the Commander-in-Chief himself to share responsibility for the resolution of these problems together with the Minister.

This is very important, because the Chief of General Staff is appointed by the President, and the effective operation of the War Department is only possible in the case of effective cooperation between the Defense Ministry and the General Staff.

If this responsibility for the army is not undertaken by the President personally there is a big risk that Poltorak will not manage to break through the bureaucratic walls and conduct immediate reforms, without which the army is choking.

The Minister of Defense may not be a Napoleon, but he must be an effective manager with clear and understandable agenda.

In order not to turn into a simple lightning rod for the public discontent like Heletei," Butusov wrote.

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