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 Visegrad Four Supports Sanctions Against Russia - Polish Foreign Ministry

Visegrad Group or V4 (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) has a similar view of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict as well as the issue of sanctions against Russia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Grzegorz Schetyna said in an interview with the Czech newspaper Hospodarskie Noviny Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinfrom.

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"We have a very similar view of the sanctions and further position on Russia's activity in eastern Ukraineas well as the future of Ukraine, that is what will happen in Ukraine after the elections," the chief of Polish diplomacy noted. He noted that the V4 countries can guarantee Ukraine the way to Europe but the Ukrainians have to decide their own future. "Ukraine needs a stable coalition and strong government capable to deal with serious challenges, which are the administrative, economic and structural reforms," the Polish minister said. According to him, it is necessary to keep the solidarity of the EU, the USA and Canada in Ukrainian issue.

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Schetyna stressed that Europe must solve the problem of energy sources diversification and provide its neighbors energy security guarantees. "For no one should ever have to be dependent on gas supplies from Russia," he stressed. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, the energy problems may arise in Ukraine in the coming months, "the situation in Ukraine evidences the fact that Russia is using energy for political purposes."

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Earlier, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, unlike Poland spoke critically on the expansion of the previous level of sanctions against Russia.

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