Russia Is Not Withdrawing but Rotating Its Troops, Tymchuk Says

The total number of Russian troops at the border with Ukraine has decreased by 2,000 soldiers. However, their place is being taken by new units, i.e. it is a rotation.

According to Censor.NET, this is stated on the Facebook page of the Information Resistance group coordinator Dmytro Tymchuk.

A situation report as of 3:00 pm, October 13, 2014: the number of Russian troops in the border areas with Russia near the border with Ukraine has decreased by 2 thousand compared to October 01, 2014.

Units of the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade left the Rostov region (Russia) for the place of permanent deployment (Murmansk region).

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However, while some Russian army units are departing from the border areas, new units are arriving, i.e. a rotation of troops is conducted.

In particular, there is a rotation of units:

- the 98th Airborne Division (permanent place of deployment - Ivanovo)

- the 137th Parachute Regiment (Ryazan, 106th Airborne Division)

- other units of the 106th Airborne Division (HQ - Tula)

- the 45th separate Special Purpose Airborne Regiment (Kubinka).

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n306832