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 25 People Arrested after Football Match in Borisov - Interior Ministry of Belarus

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus press service said Friday that 25 people, 14 Ukrainians and 11 Belarusians, were detained Thursday night after Ukraine-Belarus football match in Borisov (Minsk region).

Censor.NET reports this citing RIA Novosti.

Earlier media reported that the Ukrainian fans were detained in Borisov after the football match between Ukraine and Belarus. According to versions of various media, from 11 to 100 people were detained. Consul of the Embassy of Ukraine in Belarus departed to Borisov to clarify the number and identity of the detained Ukrainian fans. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine only 15 people were arrested, three of them were released after paying a penalty and 12 others are waiting for trial. Belarusian Human Rights Centre Viasna reported that three fans were sentenced to detention for five days.

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"Total of 32 administrative reports were drawn up against 29 people. 25 people (14 Ukrainians and Belarusians 11) have been detained until the court's decision," the press service said.

According to the report, "the detentions were not accomplished at once - they were preceded by explanatory work of police officers."

The report also notes that in general, the fans behaved appropriately during the game. "Were identified separate violations of administrative law of our country, both on the part of citizens of Belarus and the Ukrainian ones. We are talking about drunk and disorderly behavior," the press service of the Interior Ministry said.

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