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 Battles in Donetsk Continue: 3 Civilians Killed and 5 Injured for Past 24 Hours

The night in the city was tense. The Kuibyshev district was under shelling from 06.30 pm October 9 to 3.30 am October 10.

Censor.NET reports this citing the Donetsk City Council press service.

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Artillery strikes damaged houses located at the following addresses: house 5 and 12, Elektronna Street, 31, 39 and 41, Syhnalna Street, 5, Minin Street, 116, Piatnytskyi Street, 104, Kolhospna Avenue, 3, Krasovskyi Street, 58, Kremlivskyi Avenue. Three kiosks were also destroyed at Somov and 60 Rokiv USSR streets' crossing. Multiple disruptions of gas distribution pipelines as well as technological equipment of gas pumping stations were also registered. The residents of the houses on 56 Dobronravova Street, 5, 9, 11, 20 Aeroflotska Street, 4 Reactyvna Street were cut off from the gas supply in this connection.

Besides, a shell hit a apartment house on 18 Ionov Street in the Leninskii district yesterday, which damaged a balcony, wall and windows in the apartment №137.

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Three civilians were killed and five more people received injuries of varying severity as a result of the fighting in Donetsk October 9.

The situation in the city remains tense as of 10.00 am. Residents report that volleys and explosions are occasionally heard in the northern part of the Kyiv district.

Life supporting systems of the city work normally.

Donetskmiskhas workers continue to rebuild gas pipelines in Kyiv and Petrovskii districts.

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