Estonia Strengthens Defense With American Javelin Anti-Missile Systems

Estonia has arranged with the United States to supply portable anti-tank missiles (ATGM) Javelin.

According to Censor.NET with reference to UNIAN, the State Department approved a plan to sell 350 ATGM in the amount of $55 million the Baltic republic. The decision must still be approved by the Congress.

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"Equipping our army with modern anti-tank systems will help strengthen the defense of Estonia," Head of the Defense Ministry Sven Mikser stated. He expressed hope that the contract will be concluded before the end of 2014.

According to the Defense Ministry of Estonia, the purchase of Javelin anti-tank systems is carried out in the framework of Tallinn military development plan for the period up to 2020, providing for increased anti-tank defense, and the acquisition of new anti-missile systems of the third generation.

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