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 NSDC: There Is No Buffer Zone near Mariupol

Terrorists do not withdraw their heavy weapons from positions near Mariupol so the Armed Forces of Ukraine also stay put.

NSDC Information Analysis Center speaker Andrii Lysenko said this commenting Azov battalion commander Artem Biletskii's information that the terrorists allegedly drew near Mariupol to the distance of 40 km, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinfrom.

"Neglecting Minsk memorandum, the terrorist organizations have not taken away weapons of the caliber exceeding 100 mm, that is why there is an opportunity for the actions in this area both for the terrorist groups and the Ukrainian military as they remain in their positions and are covered with the artillery," Lysenko said.

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He said that according to the agreements of September 19 the buffer zone should be not 40 but 30 km wide, however, this requirement was also ignored by the militants. "According to Minsk protocol buffer zone should be not 40 but 30 km wide: 15 km in the direction of the territory, which is temporarily controlled by the terrorists and 15 km from the line deep into our territory, but this zone still exists only on paper as a line on the map," the speaker said.

He expressed the hope that it will become possible soon to create a security zone.

"As there is already a heavy artillery shelling intensity reduction, we hope that in the near future this area eventually turn into a safe one, where there will be no shelling, all engineer obstacles and minefields will be cleared and representatives of the Joint Working groups will start to monitor the ceasefire and the implementation of agreements reached in Minsk," Lysenko said.

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