Polish Foreign Minister Congratulated "Tsar" Putin with His 62 Anniversary in an Unusual Manner

The Polish Foreign Minister regrets that President Vladimir Putin has become a threat to the entire world and that Russia has not changed during a century.

Making comments on air of Polish Radio Zet on what he would wish to Vladimir Putin, who today celebrates his birthday, Grzegorz Schetyna said: "I wish that he (Putin) could listen and was a partner for the entire free world. For the people responsible for the world's fate to perceive him as a partner but not as threat," Censor.NET reports citing Novyi Region.

The Polish Foreign Minister said that people of Russia are inclined to trust their lives to one person in the same way as under Tsar's rule. "Little has changed since then," Schetyna says. "The history shows that Russia does not look forward, only backward."

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