Military Prosecutors Investigate Acts and Omissions of Former Defense Ministers and Chiefs of the General Staff

The Main Military Prosecutor's Office is investigating acts and omissions of former defense ministers and chiefs of the General Staff, who undermined the defense of Ukraine.

This was announced today at a press briefing the chief military prosecutor, deputy prosecutor general Anatolii Matios Censor.NET reports, citing LigaBusinessInform.

According to Matios, over the past four years there have been made about 600 changes to law that actually undermined the integrity of the Armed Forces operation and defense of Ukraine. Criminal proceedings have been opened regarding inadequate performance of their duties by heads of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff.

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Under criminal investigation are orders of the following former Defence Ministers: Shkidchenko, Marchuk, Kuzmuk, Hrytsenko, Yekhanurov, Yezhel, Solomatin, Lebedev, and also the following Chiefs of the General Staff of the Armed Forces: Shuliak, Zatynaiko, Kyrychenko, Svida, Pedchenko, Zamana.

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"What does that mean ... The subject of investigation is an act or omission of such persons, that is, we assess each document of organizational and administrative character," Matios said.

He added that in order to assess these facts, it is necessary to conduct a series of examinations. "So, one of the examples of how system of the Ministry of Defense and the country's defense have been disintegrated: it was even that no educational and scientific institution in the Ministry of Defense is not related to the mandatory list of expert institutions that have the right to conduct such an examination ... It makes impossible to use conclusions of experts as evidence in criminal proceedings," he stressed.

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