Russia Cannot Replace Ukraine in World Grain Market, Russian Agriculture Minister Says

Russia will not be able to fully replace Ukraine in the world grain market in the foreseeable future.

This was stated by Minister of Agriculture of Russia, Nikolai Fedorov, Censor.NET reports with reference to Prime.

However, the official noted that in the future Russia could supply up to 50 million tons to the world market. "We might be present from 30-40 million tons. If we can produce 130 million or more, we could supply up to 50 million tons to the world grain market," Fedorov said. According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, in 2014 farmers may gather up to 104 million tons of grain and by 2020 they intend to increase the volume up to 115 million tons.

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The forecast harvest in Ukraine in 2014, taking into account all factors, including developments in Crimea and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, is 64,421,000 tons of grains and legumes. Grain export from Ukraine in the period from 8 to 16 September exceeded 1 million tons. As of September 17, Ukraine harvested 38.2 million tons of grain. The Cabinet of Ministers initiates audits of quality and quantity of grain stocks in silos.

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