Russia Supplies Terrorists in Donbas with Newest Weapons that Pierce Any Body Armor – Ukrainian Army Colonel

In eastern Ukraine, Russia tests the latest weapons piercing armor vests of any type. These weapons can also be used in light machine guns.

Head of the Central Research Institute of Weapons and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Colonel Ihor Chepkov announced this at a press conference, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinfrom.

"Analyzing the weapons, obtained from eastern Ukraine, we have found that most of those bullet resistant vests supplied to our troops, do not meet the level of resistance against these ammunition. Thus, it was discovered that there are bullets and cartridges of almost all calibers that are used in small arms, both 5.45 mm and 7.62 mm ones, with increased armor-piercing capability. The bullet that was investigated as a real proof of the newest weapons that come to armed gangs, goes through an armor vest," Chepkov said.

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He clarified that this bullet has an index 7N37. It has much higher armor-piercing ability, than the bullets that are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine detachments. The study revealed that it has a core made of tungsten carbide alloy and capable of penetrating any body armor. It is also capable of piercing armor plates with the thickness that is greater than the thickness of our modern armored vehicles.

Thus, according to him, the information disseminated by the Russians that the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense have not carried out ammunition replacement during the last 20 years is untrue. "Powerful ammunition was created during these 20 years, namely 7N10 for the 5.45x39 caliber, 7N13 with increased armor-piercing ability, the above mentioned armor-piercing bullets 7N22, 7N23, 7N24, 7N26, 7N37 and 7N39. There are also pistol cartridges with increased armor-piercing capability, which are already developed and in service," the expert stressed.

As noted, these means of destruction exceeds the current level of our weapons and capable to hit our personnel. They can also be used in light machine guns.

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Adviser to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksander Danyliuk said that the Russian military has been consistently using experimental cartridges, and their penetration characteristics are incomparable as far as "actually no armored vehicle or armored personnel carrier is able to protect against such ammunition today."

"And, unfortunately, their use may change the general nature of training and defense. Because now it is not only bullet-resistant vest matter - it is necessary to consider whether there is any armor able to withstand such ammunition at all. For example, these bullets pierce through Cougar armored carriers, purchased by the Interior Ministry," he said. And he stressed that, at the same time, the concept of armored vehicles itself should be revised today and not in Ukraine only, but in the entire world. After the information about the existence of such ammunition reached a number of NATO countries, they have begun to revise their defense orders.

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