Mayor of Kherson: "If There Are Separatists, We Will Shoot to Kill"

Kherson is a Ukrainian city. Was, is and will be. And separatist sentiments will be immediately stopped, warns Kherson Mayor Volodymyr Mykolaenko.

This is reported by Censor.NET.

"Kherson is a Ukrainian city. Was, is and will be. Neither local separatists nor "visiting separatist actors" will be welcomed with bread and salt. If we need to, we will shoot to kill. Everyone is warned and they understand the seriousness of the situation," the mayor of Kherson stated in an interview with mukola.net, noting that he is confident in the local law enforcement officers.

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"We have known each other for some time now. Secondly, I am confident in our territorial defense. These people held the Kherson Regional State Administration building in February. Thirdly, I am confident in Kherson residents. We regularly conduct polls, and we are very aware of what's going on, what the people support and how people will react to attempts at destabilization. And what's important is that the research is supported by practice - in crucial moments so many people gather at the City Council and Regional Council that it overfills us with pride. Fourth, I'm confident in the local authorities. We regularly make public statements so that no one had any doubt that the city is Ukrainian. And the local authorities are Ukrainian. This, in fact, is how we differ from the East, where the local authorities are still choosing their homeland," Mykolaenko said.

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