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 Turchynov: Laws of Special Order in Some Areas of Donbas and the Amnesty Should Be Abolished in Case of Peace Plan Failure

In case of failure of the peace plan the laws on the special order of the local government in some areas of the Donbas and the amnesty should be abolished.

This was stated by Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov in an interview with the news agency LigaBusinessInform, published on Thursday, Censor.NET reports citing the Verkhovna Rada press service.

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"I trust neither Putin nor Russia. I am convinced that they will try to destroy the independent Ukraine, which has chosen the European way of development and he is looking forward for a suitable time for this - when we will not be ready to repel the aggression. That's exactly the way they acted capturing Crimea, he said. So we must be ready at any time to a full-scale Russian aggression. If you want peace - prepare for war. There is still no other recipe. The better we prepared - the greater chance we'll have for liberation of the territories occupied by Russia."

According to the head of the Parliament, the continuation of hostilities on the part of Russia will cancel all previous agreements. "If the Russian-terrorist groups will not cease fire in the next few days, the adopted laws will lose all their meaning," he said.

Turchynov recalled that the amnesty was provided for those "who holds no blood, and who voluntarily lay down their arms and release the occupied buildings and public institutions. But I have not heard of a single fact of laying down arms. I do not know any case of the administrative building release. A question arises: who should we amnesty?" he said

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"The conditions stated in the peace initiatives of the President are not respected. If the situation will not change in the coming days and the hostilities on the part of the aggressor will not be stopped - it means that Russia has broken all the reached agreements and announced initiatives. In case of the peace plan failure all adopted presidential laws should be abolished," Turchynov summed up.

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