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 General Lytvyn Fled from Ilovaisk Leaving Weapons and Equipment - Dnipro-1 Battalion Commander Bereza

The Dnipro volunteer battalion commander Yurii Bereza told about leader of the sector "D", General Lytvyn’s flight from Ilovaisk, which led to great losses among the Ukrainian soldiers.

He said this during meeting of the Verkhovna Rada temporary investigative commission on the events in Ilovaisk, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinfrom.

"The forces led by General Lytvyn and the Chief of Staff, who have not even informed the Chief of General Staff and Minister of Defense but simply ran away leaving weapons and equipment. The town of Amvrosiivka was spread with the abandoned equipment from Savur-Mohyla to Kuteinykove," Bereza said.

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Bereza believes that all volunteer battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine detachments had to retreat from Ilovaisk August 24 but nobody warned them of the danger in Ilovaisk.

"We came to defend the city. There would be no such losses if we knew that the regular Russian troops were approaching," Bereza said.

The Dnipro-1 battalion commander noted that there were any losses in his unit before Ilovaisk, however, as much as 22 soldiers were killed in this city and 53 more are still in hospitals with serious injuries.

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