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 Battalion Commanders Explained What Caused Ilovaisk Tragedy

Dnipro battalion commander Yurii Bereza believes that the tragedy near Ilovaisk was caused by the invasion of the Russian troops.

He stated this at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada commission to investigate the Ilovaisk tragedy, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainian Pravda.

"The problem and the tragedy of Ilovaisk is the arrival of Russian troops," he said.

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Bereza noted that our forces were outnumbered. Our soldiers managed to destroy the main grouping, which was located on the territory of Ilovaisk.

"They delivered the troops by rail. When we blew up several railways, we achieved the enemy's artillery strikes reduction," he said.

Mirotvorets battalion commander Andrii Teteruk, in his turn said that his men were fully supplied with weapons and other equipment, being the Ministry of Internal Affairs detachment. However, it was not enough to fulfill the tasks near Ilovaisk.

"We are a follow-up echelon unit.... We have not got the armored vehicles support. We asked for it after being sent into the ATO zone," he said.

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Teteruk said that the leadership had to plan and estimate the situation in Ilovaisk. "It is insanity when a platoon assaults another platoon which holds the line. They should have a clear understanding of whether we can seize this city and to clear it or not. If not, then it was necessary to accumulate additional units to conduct several diverting strikes. This is the art of war to disguise own intentions. If this is not done, we have a situation that has arisen," he said.

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