Donetsk Airport Is Frontline of Donbas. Russians Want to Knock Our Troops Out at Any Cost and Do Not Count Losses - Butusov


Divisions of Russian mercenaries carry out infantry and tank attacks, supported by regular Russian troops, firing with howitzers, mortars, and multiple rocket launchers.

According to sources in the ATO commandment, a new fierce battle at the Donetsk airport started today at 11.20 AM, wrote Yurii Butusov, editor-in-chief of Censor.NET, on his Facebook page. Ukrainian commandment has sent reinforcement to the airport area. All attempts of Russian troops to cut the supply route and seize Pisky village were repulsed. Ukrainian snipers, scouts, artillerymen, and tankers act very competently. The airport and Pisky village are heroically defended by units of 93rd Dnipropetrovsk Mechanized Brigade, 3rd Kirovohrad Special Forces Regiment, Right Sector volunteer corps, and Dnipro Battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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The situation is complicated - the fighting never stops. The enemy deploys reinforcement every day. The new thing in the actions of Russian mercenaries is their perseverance and constant tank and infantry attacks. They are going to knock our troops out at all costs, and, most surprisingly, great losses don't stop them anymore. The vicinity of the airport has turned into a cemetery since evacuation of bodies is impossible under constant fire. According to the ceasefire memorandum, Donetsk airport should be handed to Russian mercenaries. However, the approximate date of evacuation is October 10-13. If the leadership of Ukraine is ready to cede the territory, why do the Russians continue bloody frontal attacks?

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The thing is that Putin is not going to keep the ceasefire terms. None of the paragraphs, according to which Russian troops and mercenaries were obliged to withdraw heavy weapons and troops, were fulfilled. The aim of Russian commandment is to force Ukraine to keep the ceasefire unilaterally. Personal ambitions of the Oplot organization commanders of militants, who want to gain complete control over the occupied territory in the Donbas and show Kremlin that they are the most capable and ready to fight against Ukraine, also play an important role.

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We cannot leave the airport. If we do, Russian side will violate international agreements in other places. I hope the OSCE observers will arrive quickly to the airport. They have to see it with their own eyes and evaluate Putin's peacemaking efforts. Truce in the airport is a meaningless piece of paper ignored by Russian troops. Earlier Censor.NET reported that defenders of Donetsk Airport repelled the heaviest attack.

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