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 Defenders of Donetsk Airport Repelled the Heaviest Attack: "We Managed to Hit 2 Tanks, the Third Burned, but Left the Area"

The Ukrainian soldiers who hold the Donetsk airport repelled the strongest attack of the Russian militants.

According to Censor.NET,one of the men at the airport told Ukrainska Pravda that "from yesterdaymorning until the morning today they tried to attack us. They wereshelling us with everything they have: mortars, grads, howitzers,tanks and the infantry were going on us," he said. "A lmost everyday t hey shelled us and tried to attack, but this was the mostpowerful assault of all the time," the soldier added.

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According to him, on Wednesday evening the Ukrainian soldiersmanaged to hit at least two tanks of the militants, the third onewas on fire, but drove away. "We saw that they suffered heavylosses, but the exact number is unknow. As for our loss, this weekwe have three injured. We are standing firm!" the soldiersaid.

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