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 Ukraine, Russia and the EU to Hold Gas Talks Today in Berlin

A tripartite meeting in the format of Ukraine-Russia - the European Commission to be held in Berlin today. The parties will attempt to agree on the price of gas for Ukraine.

President of the Kyiv Energy Research Institute OleksandrNarbut said on air of the Radio Liberty that Ukraine should notexpect positive changes from the talks in Berlin, Censor.NET informs. According to him,Russia's actions in the gas sector are based on the principle that"Ukraine should be ours" so that "Russia will use all the leverage,including energy one." Moscow, the expert said, also seeks to getthe money Ukraineowes for this year obtained gas.

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Russiahas set one of the highest gas prices for Ukraine - almost $ 500per thousand cubic meters. Only France pays higher price - $ 550per thousand cubic meters of gas. Gazprom moved Ukraine toprepayment in terms of Russian gas supplies since June 16, 2014,reducing the supply of fuel for Ukrainian consumers tozero.

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Naftohaz has filed a lawsuit on the Russian company Gazpromfor the price of gas to the Stockholm Arbitration. Hungary ceasedtransportation of gas to Ukraine on September 25. Naftohazassociates the decision of the Hungarian company on termination ofre-export with the Russian pressure. Earlier, Censor.NET reported that the EuropeanUnion is planning to substitute Russian gas by Iranianone.

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