Ukraine Closes All Border Crossing Points with Russia - Poroshenko's Decree


President Petro Poroshenko has approved the NSDC decision to temporarily close Ukraine's border with Russia.

According toCensor.NET,citing LigaBusinessInform,on September 24,President Poroshenko signed a decree that has enacted theNSDC decision of August 28, "On Urgent Measures for the Protectionof Ukraine and Strengthening its Defense." Among otherthings, the document instructed the Cabinet ofMinisters to temporarily close of all border crossing points withthe Russian Federation.

"To settle theissue of temporary closing of checkpoints on the state border ofUkraine and the Russian Federation for car, marine, and pedestriancrossing and terminate all traffic through them, and if necessary -to consider temporary closure of crossing points for other typestraffic," the document says.

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In addition, thesigned decree suggests "to take measures for the unilateraldemarcation of the state border of Ukraine with the RussianFederation and to ensure its proper engineering and technicalarrangement, including involvement of the international technicalassistance."

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