NATO: Some Russian Troops Remain Inside Ukraine and Many Thousands Still Deployed near the Border

NATO has observed a significant withdrawal of Russian forces from inside Ukraine, but many Russian troops remain stationed nearby, an alliance military spokesman said on Wednesday.

"There has been a significant pullback of Russian conventionalforces from inside Ukraine, but many thousands are still deployedin the vicinity of the border," Lieutenant-Colonel Jay Janzen saidto Reuters, Censor.NETreports.

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"Some Russian troops remain inside Ukraine. It is difficult todetermine the number, as pro-Russian separatists control severalborder crossings and troops are routinely moving back and forthacross the border. Further, Russian special forces are operating inUkraine, and they are difficult to detect," he said.

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On Sept. 4, a NATO military officer said Russia had severalthousand combat troops and hundreds of tanks and armored vehiclesinside Ukraine and around 20,000 troops close to the Ukrainianborder.

"NATO welcomes these positive signs, and encourages all parties tocontinue to work towards a peaceful solution to this crisis," hesaid, while still expressing NATO's concern about the large numbersof Russian forces deployed close to the eastern Ukraineborder.

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