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 Volunteer Roman Donik: No Storming of Avdiivka – It Was Just Information Warfare. Bezler Seems to Begin Offensive Against DPR

Yesterday's information about an offensive on Avdiivka proved to be false.

Volunteer Roman Donik wrote about it on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"The scaremongers and dreamers, especially those ones from the internet media are annoying.

There was the news published by crime.in.ua., I am quoting here:

"The terrorists launched an assault on Avdiivka town which is near Donetsk. The eyewitnesses report of a large number of fascist militants' tanks. Note that if the "ruSScists" (Russian Fascists) will be able to dislodge the Ukrainian military from Avdiivka, the Ukrainian military grouping at the Donetsk airport is doomed."

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So I am telling you that it all is a fake. There was not any "large number of tanks." No one knows the purpose of this information appearing. But one should throw a grenade into the editor's office for each stove-piping of that kind so that it won't become a habit. It is a common practice of the information warfare. Soldiers read those stove-piping and start to be at least nervous both in Avdiivka and at the airport.

In fact, there are much more exciting events taking place in that area. The artillery is indeed shelling but it is not ours and it hits not our forces.

There is reason to think that Bezler started military operations against the so-called DPR (that would be pretty heartwarming)," Donik wrote.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n303857