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 Ukraine Provided with Anti-Radar Devices and Encrypted Communication Equipment

Ukraine is now provided with the radar jamming devices and encrypted communication equipment. Deputy Head of the presidential administration Valerii Chalyi stated this on air of Svoboda Slova on ICTV

Censor.NET reports this citing UNN.

"Ukraine needs not only tanks and offensive weaponry today. We have them. There are other problems. Our soldiers are covered by salvos... We do not have appropriate anti-radar devices as well as encrypted communication equipment. Ukraine will be submitted with all this appliances and moreover we are already receiving them," the representative of the Presidential Administration said.

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Chalyi said that the way of winning hybrid war differs from successful actions in traditional warfare.

He added that our Western partners did not know how to react on military operations in the east of Ukraine when they began.

"And now they are rapidly changing their military doctrines, ways of responding. Now they are taking in consideration this type of war which is taking place in Ukraine. There is a clear understanding that this is a war. Everyone understands that Ukraine stops the aggression, it protects Europe from the aggressor," the deputy head of the administration of the President said.

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