Mariupol Suburbs Are Being Shelled With Grad Systems Third Day in a Row

Eastern districts and northern outskirts of Mariupol city have been shelled by Russian forces during daylight since Friday September 19.

This was told to Censor.NETby Azov battalion commander niknamed Alis.

He said that the militants shelling the 12th, 13th, 14thcheckpoints, defended by the National Guard soldiers.

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"Grad systems approach Ukrainian positions at a 5-7 km distance,since the Army follows the truce. Moreover, the Grad systemssometimes were located in the center of nearby Zhovtneve village,"Alis said.

He also added that a lot of Russian saboteurs and gunners have beenspotted around​​ Ukrainian checkpoints.

Today, September 21, shelling of Mariupol city started early in themorning and ended only at 4PM. Despite it was the eastern districtsthat were shelled, explosions were heard even in the citycenter.
A shop of the Mariupol metallurgical plant named after Ilich,located in the northern part of the city, was also hityesterday.

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According to the Azov commander, these three days of shelling areperhaps related to the City Day. He assumed that the terroristshave plans to capture the city of Mariupol on that day, but nowthey might be planning to do it again on September 26, the Day ofthe city's liberation from Nazi invaders.

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