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 Militants Violate Even First Paragraph of Truce Memorandum


Militants from Eastern Ukraine broke even the first paragraph of the truce memorandum signed in Minsk.

Speaker of the National Security and Defense Council AndriiLysenko told about it at a briefing, Censor.NET reports,referring to Ukrainska Pravda.

Answering the question about moving weapons at least 15 kilometersaway from the contact line on both sides, Lysenko informed: "One ofthe main paragraphs of the memorandum is the bilateral ceasefire,but even it was violated by the terrorists. Thus, there is noreason to discuss the other paragraphs. The Ukrainian troops mustbe withdrawn only together with all Russian soldiers."

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According to Lysenko, over the past 24 hours 2 Ukrainan soldierswere killed and 8 injured. He also noted that the OSCE observersreported about numerous memorandum violations.

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