Kuchma: Parties at Minsk Talks Agreed on 9 Ceasefire Paragraphs

Participants in the Minsk talks made an agreement on the ceasefire regarding the current line of clashes and creation of a 30-kilometer buffer zone.

This was declared by ex-President Leonid Kuchma, Censor.NET informs, referring to RIANews.

There are 9 paragraphs in the memorandum which was signed on Fridaynight.

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1. Ceasefire is to be considered bilateral.

2. Military units and military formations shall be stopped at theircontact line as of September 19.

3. Usage of all kinds of weapons and offensive actions areprohibited.

4. Within 24 hours after the approval of this memorandum, weaponswith a calibre of more than 100 millimeters shall be moved at least15 kilometers away from the contact line of both sides, includingfrom residential areas, creating an opportunity to establish a30-kilometer buffer zone.

5. Deployment of heavy weapons and heavy equipment in the regionconfined by the residential areas [Kuchma did not specify whichareas are listed in the memorandum] is prohibited.

6. Placing of mine barriers at the border of the buffer zone isprohibited. Mine barriers that were placed earlier within thebuffer zone shall be removed.

7. Flights of operational aircrafts and foreign aerial vehiclesexcept for vehicles of the OSCE over the buffer zone areprohibited.

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8. The OSCE monitoring mission shall be deployed In the ceasefirezone within 24 hours after the approval of this memorandum. It isdesirable for the above mentioned zone to be divided into sectors.The number of the sectors' borders shall be negotiated in thecourse of the OSCE's preparation.

9. All the foreign armed groups, military equipment, as well asfighters and mercenaries shall withdraw from the Ukrainianterritory under the supervision of the OSCE.

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