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 Putin Is Considering Unplugging The Internet In Russia During Protests Or War

Russia is considering measures to protect its cyberspace from the "unpredictable" West, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said on Friday after a newspaper said Moscow was contemplating unplugging the Internet during protests or war.

According to Censor.NET,the Vedomosti newspaper, citing industry sources, said thatPutin will convene Monday a meeting of the country's SecurityCouncil to discuss possible restrictions on the Russian cyberspace-- the last forum for free expression in the country, Business Insider writes.

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Vedomosti said authorities were contemplating measures to unplugRussia from the global web in emergency situations such as majorprotests or military hostilities.

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed the Security Councilmeeting would take place but declined to discuss its agenda. Hesaid authorities were not planning to disconnect Russian cyberspacefrom the global web but needed to take measures to protect thecountry from the "unpredictable" West.

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"Taking into account the complete unpredictability of the UnitedStates and European Union, Russia is taking measures to ensure itsown security," Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told AFP.

"Security measures for the Russian Internet are constantlydiscussed at various levels and at various ministries taking intoaccount the unpredictability of our foreign partners," headded.

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Citing several communications providers, Internet firms andnon-governmental organisations, Vedomosti said several moremeetings next week involving senior officials will address "thework of the Russian segment of the Internet in emergencysituations."

Authorities are planning to adopt measures "strengthening thesovereignty of the Russian segment of the World Wide Web" thatcould include the powers to unplug Russia from the Web in specialcircumstances such as major rallies or military hostilities, thenewspaper said citing sources.

Officials would like to have the measures in place by early nextyear, the newspaper said. The communications ministry declinedimmediate comment.

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