European Parliament Adopted Resolution on Ukraine Calling to Stiffen Sanctions Against Russia

The European Parliament welcomes signs of hope in moves towards peace in Ukraine and in the newly-ratified EU-Ukraine association agreement, but worries about Russia’s real intentions in the undeclared "hybrid war" there.

In a resolutionadopted on Thursday, it urges the EU to stand up to Russia and stepup support for EU farmers hit by its trade ban, Censor.NET reports citing theofficial website of the European Parliament.

MEPs welcome thenewly-passed Ukrainian laws on a special status for the contesteddistricts of Donetsk and Luhansk and the amnesty approved by theUkrainian Parliament on 16 September as an "important contributionto de-escalation."

The EU pact with Ukraine will not bechanged

The EU-Ukraine Association and free trade agreement,ratified simultaneously on Tuesday by the Ukrainian and Europeanparliaments, "cannot and will not be changed," despite the pressureexerted by Russia, MEPs stress. They call on EU countries toproceed swiftly with their own national procedures for ratifyingthe agreement.

MEPs welcome thesigning of ceasefire in Minsk and deplore its violation by Russiantroops and separatists. But they worry that this ceasefire could"just be a pretext for Russian troops to regroup in order tocontinue their offensive."

EU sanctions are just and must be steppedup

The European Parliament supports the latest EU sanctionsagainst Russia and deplores Russian "counter-sanctions" as"unjustified". It calls on the EU to consider excluding Russia fromcivil nuclear cooperation and the SWIFT international paymentsystem.

MEPs salute France's decision to halt delivery of"Mistral" helicopter carriers to Russia and call on EU memberstates to follow its example with regard to exports not covered bythe EU sanctions decisions such as arms and (civilian/military)"dual use" material.

The lawmakers call on the EU to regulate third-partybusinesses in the areas of gas storage, interconnectors andflow-back facilities, and urge the EU countries to cancel plannedenergy sector agreements with Russia, including the South Streamgas pipeline.

European MPs underline the importance of the "independent,rapid and full investigation", delegated to the Dutch Safety Board,into the causes of the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17,and the need to bring those responsible for the crash tojustice.

They nonetheless insist that there should be a political,not a military, solution, and stress the "reversibility andscalability" of the EU sanctions, should the situation in Ukraineimprove. They also call on the EU to facilitate dialogue betweenUkraine and Russia.

More money for EU farmers hit by Russia's tradeban

The budget for EUmeasures offsetting the impact on EU farmers of Russia's trade banshould be increased and their coverage extended to more products,say MEPs. They also call for promotional efforts to boost EU farmproduce sales on alternative markets to avoid oversupply on the EUmarket. This money should come from EU funds other thanagricultural ones, as the crisis was "first and foremost of apolitical nature," MEPs say.

MEPs also condemn the abduction of an Estoniancounterintelligence officer from Estonian territory and call onRussia "to immediately release Mr Kohver and allow his safe toreturn to Estonia". They also deplore the abduction and brutalkilling of the Honorary Consul of Lithuania Mykola Zelenc inLuhansk.

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